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LA Design Challenge Finalists

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Each year, a novel and utterly original international competition is held at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The LA Design Challenge brings together the best automotive designers from several of the world's leading manufacturers. Many concept cars have been unveiled in the past years, showcasing the vision the manufacturers have of their vehicles in 10, 15 or even 20 years.

Although the concept cars are just studies in style and none of them are actually produced, they must meet a number of standards according to the theme of the competition. This year, the theme is motorsports in the year 2025.

Honda Great Race 2025

Considering the diversity of the motorsports industry, the entries are quite varied. Among the most original are Audi's and Toyota's Grand Prix du Mans cars, as well as endurance machines designed by Mitsubishi and Volkswagen for races like the old Paris-Dakar. Mercedes-Benz has even blended genres with its Formula Zero concept featuring a retractable sail.

Of course, the designers are supported by a team of engineers that can make their visions of the future possible. It's interesting to note that none of the concept cars are powered by fossil fuels.

The finalists are:
  • Audi R25
  • BMW Salt Flat Racer
  • GM Chaparral Volt
  • Honda Great Race 2025
  • Mazda Kaan
  • Mitsubishi MMR25
  • Mercedes-Benz Formula Zero
  • Toyota Lemans Racer
  • Volkswagen Bio Runner
The winner of the LA Design Challenge will be announced at the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show.
photo:Mazda, Honda