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Land Rover will take your breath away with "Ultimate Vistas" (videos)

Land Rover helped Magnum photographer Jonas Bendiksen in his quest to find the Ultimate Vistas in his home country of Norway by putting a rugged Range Rover at his disposal.

In Episode 1, Bendiksen starts in Oslo and travels to Dovre in the Range Rover, seeking out the perfect conditions to capture the city and the Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre Pavilion on the outskirts of Dovrefjell National Park.

In Episode 2, Bendiksen heads from Dovre to Trollstigen, exploring the changing landscape in the Range Rover as he hunts for the perfect photograph.

In Episode 3, Bendiksen explores the Fjords of Norway. After taking the Range Rover as far as he can, it’s a race against the light to capture the perfect shot.

Finally, in Episode 4, the changing of the seasons brings a whole new perspective on the most familiar of places. Bendiksen goes off-road in a Range Rover, its capability helping him reach high ground, and a truly spectacular view.