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Latest Update: Apple CarPlay and the Apple Watch

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The world let out a collective hoorah yesterday as Apple unveiled the final details about the much-anticipated Apple Watch that first surfaced last September. Besides specific model details, the most exciting information so far has to be the pricing that ranges from $449 (Apple Sport) all the way to $13,000 for an 18k gold strap version. You take your pick… Sales of the Apple Watch will begin on April 24th in Canada, and there will be 30 models available in total. 

Of course, as we are an automotive site we wouldn’t be as interested in the Apple Watch if it didn’t have something to do with cars, now would we? And while we pride ourselves on being pretty tech-y we know we just wanna know about stuff that has four wheels and an engine. So, why the interest in the Apple Watch? Well, that’s where something called Apple CarPlay comes in. 

What is Apple CarPlay? Essentially it is a software installed into your vehicle’s infotainment system that allows you iPhone to connect to the system and take over the display, replacing it with a simplified version of Apple’s iOS 8.

Apple’s Tim Cook revealed that CarPlay would be made available in over 40 vehicle models in the coming year. Which ones? Well, they wouldn’t give that away but we already know of a few manufacturers (and makes) in cahoots with Apple, namely: Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari and Volvo (upcoming XC90). We’d wager Apple CarPlay would start featuring prominently in upcoming advertisements for new vehicles hitting the market. 

So, if you can tear your eyes away from your Apple Watch long enough, keep an eye out for those. 

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