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Porsche and BMW launch apps for Apple Watch

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Porsche and BMW are among the first car companies to launch their own apps for the newly released Apple Watch.

Porsche Car Connect for Apple Watch has a display similar to the iPhone app. It allows users to access functions of their car without taking out their smartphone. To be clear: The Apple Watch serves as an additional display, not as a communication alternative.

Thanks to Porsche Car Connect for Apple Watch, you'll be able to check if the windows, doors, sunroof, and trunk are all closed and locked, locate your car in a parking lot, or monitor driving data, among other things.

Meanwhile, BMW's i Remote app can connect the driver with their BMW i3 or BMW i8 at any time – remotely, if required.

The start screen presents the car linked up to the smartwatch in the classy style. Also displayed here are the car’s charge status and available range, as well as the time of day. Scrolling further up the start screen reveals a new menu through which users can check a host of other vehicle information, such as whether the doors are locked, the sunroof is still open or the boot is closed. Service alerts are also flashed up.