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A New Look for the Volkswagen Golf as Early as November?

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Volkswagen is set to unveil, in a world premiere expected in November of this year, an significant update to its popular Golf model. The new version could make its debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show taking place in just over one month. Volkswagen has held back from providing much information about the modifications, other than to state that the re-tool will be “extensive”.

Sold in 155 countries around the world, the Volkswagen Golf is the top-selling car in Europe in history, with 32,590,025 units sold in its 42 years of existence (as of December 31, 2015). Other notable Golf trivia: the most expensive Golf ever sold went for 188,938 Euros (just under $276,000 CAD) at auction, after having belonged to Pope Benedict XVI. The Golf is also the world’s only car to have been produced with five different engine options: petrol, diesel, natural gas, hybrid and electric.