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2019 Mazda3: Mazda confirms world debut at Los Angeles Auto Show

This past June we reported on the rumour that the new fourth-generation Mazda3 would get its big reveal at the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show. Mazda has now confirmed the planned premiere, and even released this teaser image. On the other hand it’s been stingy about providing any other details.

To get a fuller picture of that the new Mazda3 will offer, it’s worth doing the rounds of what’s been published about it over the past year.

What we know
We know for sure that the design of the new Mazda3 will be heavily inspired by the Kai concept first unveiled in Tokyo in 2017. That prototype was built on the manufacturer’s new SKYACTIV architecture, which will make its official debut in Los Angeles. It will subsequently be added to other of the brand’s products. The stakes are high for Mazda, to say the least.

Mazda Kai concept
Photo: Mazda
Mazda Kai concept

The new technology promises to provide the company’s models with a more-dynamic driving experience, and it doesn’t end there. Mazda is promising a more comfortable, quiet and refined ride.

A centrepiece of the new platform is the new SKYACTIV-X engine, which Mazda claims will deliver the fuel economy of a diesel engine without that format’s drawbacks. The technology behind it will allow for both compression ignition and spark ignition.

We’ll have more details for you as the date of the model’s launch approaches. The Los Angeles Auto Show gets underway on November 28th.