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Mazda planning diesel-related announcement for NY Auto Show

Left Lane News reports that Mazda will make some sort of announcement about its future diesel offerings at the New York International Auto Show in April.

Executives of the Japanese car maker previously confirmed that two diesel-powered Mazdas are planned for North America. They also said that a 43-mpg model (5.47 L/100 km) would be available shortly, suggesting a Mazda2 with SKY-D technology.

SKY-D is one of the world’s most advanced diesel engine technologies, offering more than 30 percent higher fuel economy than the engine family it replaced. Should it land this side of the Pacific, Mazda will become the first Japanese automaker to sell a modern diesel in the United States.

Don't expect more information to come from the company's normally silent executives. You'll have to wait until the NYIAS which will happily cover for you.

Source: Left Lane News