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Mercedes-Maybach isn't a direct competitor, Rolls-Royce says

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In the world of cars, there's Rolls-Royce, and then there's every other company. At least that's what we can take away from the latest statements of Rolls-Royce's head of communications in North America, Gerry Spahn.

“The [Mercedes-Maybach] is not a direct competitor to Rolls-Royce, if you look at how we view our competition,” he told CarAdvice in Austin, Texas. “Our competition is not necessarily vehicles, I can say airplanes, yachts, real estate, art, that’s where we are competing with.”

“Our owners are putting down $20 million on a yacht. They may want to buy one or two Rolls-Royces to go along with it. Our average owner has seven cars — it’s like jackets for me. For them it’s a lifestyle choice; it’s not a financial one.”
CarAdvice asked Spahn why the Maybach is not seen as a competitor to the Ghost given their similar prices. His response? “It has nothing to do with price. It’s positioning.”

Source: CarAdvice