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Shanghai 2017: Mercedes Unveils 2 New Sedans, Large & Small

What will Mercedes small cars of tomorrow look like? This week at Auto Shanghai 2017, the German luxury automaker gave us a good and intriguing glimpse with a new concept car called, fittingly, the Concept A Sedan.

The concept’s highly fluid design smooths out the character lines in favour of sleek, refined, even sensual surfaces. The door handles run flush with the car’s body and the roof is entirely of glass, while the front end is marked by a massive grille as well as distinctively designed headlights that can change colour.

The Auto Shanghai 2017 show was also the setting for the world premiere of the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class, which pushes the innovation factor even further in terms of safety, comfort and luxury elements. Let’s not forget the car’s formidable high-performance versions, the Mercedes-AMG S 63 4MATIC+ and Mercedes-AMG S 65.

The large luxury sedan adopts new technologies that take it several steps closer to full self-drivability. These include a fine-tuned DISTRONIC system as well as the several cameras and radar that extends out to a range of 250 metres.

Buyers of the S-Class will now be able to choose from new inline 6-cylinder engines and a new twin-turbo V8. Mercedes-Benz is also working on a plug-in hybrid version with a range of around 50 km in all-electric mode.
We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled!