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Mercedes-Benz Vehicles Could Get New Names... Again

Mercedes-Benz has been actively reorganizing its lineup of models in recent years, first by bringing its performance-division models under the Mercedes-AMG banner, then by renaming its utility models (GLA, GLC, GLE, GLS) to ensure greater uniformity as well as to better match the vehicles in its lineup that share the same platform.

Now Autoblog, citing information published by AutoGuide, is reporting that Mercedes-Benz has just trademarked new vehicle appellations for Canada and other markets.

The plan appears to be for alphanumeric combinations to go from 3 to 2 digits. Regular Mercedes model appellations will end in 0 (for example CLA 40, SLC 50 or GLE 50), while AMG models will see their names end in 3 (for example CLA 53, G73 or S73). The 73 is a change from the current 63; sources are reporting that a new AMG hybrid powertrain could become the new top power producer in the company’s range.

At one time the numbers given to Mercedes-Benz vehicles corresponded to the power generated by their engines, but as this is no longer the case it leads us to wonder why this anachronistic naming method persists, and think that the occasion would be ripe to create a naming convention that is easier to follow. What do you think?

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