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Tokyo 2015: Mercedes-Benz presents updated Vision concept

The new Mercedes-Benz Vision concept made its global debut today at the 2015 Tokyo Auto Show. If the futuristic vehicle looks familiar, it’s because it’s an evolution of the F 015 Luxury in Motion concept introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas last January. 

Inside the 5-passenger cabin of the Mercedes-Benz Vision, apps, maps, and displays emanating from the entertainment system are presented as three-dimensional holograms. It embodies the concept of an automotive lounge for a future generation of megacities.

An homage to the urban Generation Z (people born since 1995), the vehicle isn’t just a means of getting around, but a digital, automobile companion. Once past the upward-swinging door, occupants will discover a large, oval-shaped couch instead of traditional seats. Should there be a requirement for the Vision concept to be controlled manually rather than it driving autonomously, a seat facing in the direction of travel can be released from the centre of the couch at the front.

As for the range, the integrated plug-in hybrid system is good enough for 190 kilometres of zero-emission travel, and 980 kilometres total with the help of a hydrogen fuel cell. The compact, high-voltage battery can be charged via induction.