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Paris 2016: World Premier for the Mitsubishi GT-PHEV Concept

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Mitsubishi has unveiled another concept SUV: the GT-PHEV made its debut this week at the Paris Motor Show. An early glimpse of the vehicle, also known under the name Grand Tourer, made its way online back in June. The vehicle is part of a sequence of utility concepts presented by the manufacturer in recent years, including the Outlander PHEV Concept-S unveiled in 2014 and the Mitsubishi EX electric vehicle first shown in Tokyo in 2015. 

The GT-PHEV is equipped with 3 electric motors, one in front and two in the rear, wedded to a thermal engine. The system allows drivers to cover 120 km in fully electric mode, and benefit from a total autonomy of 1,200 km.  The prototype’s designers focused on combined ecology, performance and longer autonomy, all while offering a modern, rugged and eye-catching design.

Immediately striking to the eye is the outsized front grille that stretches on to the sides of the vehicle, the vertical headlights and its imposing, slightly futuristic lines, that make for a vehicle fitting in snugly with the company’s design philosophy for the coming years. The interior, for its part, is elegant yet sober, and notably includes an inclined central console that rises to meet the dashboard, which now houses a large screen.

This latest unveiling by Mitsubishi comes in the wake of the announcement, this past May, that Nissan was acquiring a 34% share in Mitsubishi, in a strengthening of a partnership between the two companies that dates back several years. 


Photo: Mitsubishi