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What Are the Most Popular Colours for Vehicles in 2016?

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Did you know that over 75% of all vehicles being manufactured in the world in 2016 are either white, black or silver in colour? A new survey carried out by PPG Industries, a company specialized in construction materials including paint, revealed that the most popular colour for vehicles this year is white, with 38% of vehicles produced sporting that colour – an increase of 3% in comparison to 2015. Far behind in second place at 18% is black, followed by silver (12%) and grey (10%). 

Consumers have long maintained a preference for neutral colours, and this year is obviously no exception. However, aside from white being the unanimous top car-colour choice, the survey does reveal some differences from one part of the globe to another. While in North America the ranking breaks down as follows:

  • White (25%)
  • Black and silver (19%)
  • Grey (12%)
  • Red and blue (10%)

The Asian-Pacific market skews slightly differently:

  • White (47%)
  • Black (14%)
  • Natural colours (11%)
  • Silver (10%)
  • Red (7%)

And you? What colour is your vehicle?