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NASCAR: Meet Richie Parker, Hendrick Motorsports' engineer (+video)

Richie Parker, 30, grew up with most people telling him what he couldn't do without hands - ride a bike, drive a car or find a good job. But Parker never listened, and today he drives his own car and is a design engineer for NASCAR's Hendrick Motorsports.

Parker was born in May, 1983, to parents Tracy and Lottie. However, Richie was found to have a non-genetic birth defect that left him with bilateral amelia; in other words, he was born without arms.

Parker has always believed that there was nothing that he couldn't do; such confidence and resolve led him to interview for Hendrick Motorsports, the most winning name in NASCAR, as an engineer.

For the past 8 years, Parker has worked as a chassis and body component designer.

When we might think we have it hard sometimes, and wonder how to make it through the day, it's helpful to remind ourselves that others must overcome a great deal more to get where they are going.

ESPN has produced this great video about this outstanding man.