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Need gas? What if the pump came to your car?

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Are mobile gas stations utopian or realistic? Scott Hempy, founder of Filld, think it's the latter. His goal is to bring gas directly to your car so you no longer have to stop at the gas station. 

“About 6 months ago my gas light came on and I started talking to my wife about how Air Force One can refuel in-flight,” he says. “Over the course of several months, that idea morphed into an on-demand fuelling service, Filld. We are excited to announce that as of this morning, you never need to stop for gas again. Just download our app, drop a PIN in your location, and get Filld.

For now, the service is only offered in California's Silicon Valley. However, the company promises to expand soon to new locations based on consumer demand. 

Of course, it doesn't work at 100 km/h on the highway like it does in the sky with Air Force One. To learn more about Filld, check out the following video: