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NEVS’ 9-3 Electric Concept, Channeling the Spirit of Saab

During the Asian Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held from June 7-9 in Shanghai, Swedish company NEVS unveiled its new 9-3 concept destined for the Chinese market in 2018. The project ties in with the company’s City Mobility pilot project in Tianjin, China.

Esthetically and technologically based on the defunct Saab carrying the same name (NEVS had tried in vain to relaunch the brand a few ago), the new concept is a 100% electric luxury sedan with a range of 300 km. It features Wi-Fi access allows users to control a range of function via their smartphones, including battery recharging.

In addition, in response to the air pollution problems that most large Chinese agglomerations are grappling with, the car features a cabin air filter system able to remove 99% of polluting particles.

A SUV named 9-3 X was also unveiled at the Asian CES event.

Some 150,000 units of the first generation of the 9-3 are already in use in China.

New NEVS 9-3 X Concept
Photo: NEVS
New NEVS 9-3 X Concept