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New Ford EV to battle Prius starting in 2018

By late 2018, the popular Toyota Prius will have a new threat to ward off. Two separate sources close to the matter told Reuters that Ford is planning to launch a brand new hybrid model to rival the best-selling Japanese icon, which will enter its 4th generation next year.

The as-yet-unnamed vehicle will reportedly go on sale as a 2019 model. It will be a “dedicated” hybrid rather than a spinoff of a regular model.

Similar to the Prius, Ford's new hybrid could be available in various body styles. A plug-in hybrid is obviously in the cards. Fuel economy and range are both expected to be better than today's hybrids.

Ford envisions a production of 120,000 units a year at its Wayne assembly plant in Michigan, the sources said.

No word yet on pricing.

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