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New Samsung tech lets drivers see through big trucks

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Samsung wants to make big trucks and vans transparent, or to be more accurate, allow other drivers to see through them. The tech giant is currently experimenting with a so-called “Safety Truck,” The Verge reports, and is working to obtain regulatory approval for the deployment. 

How does it work? In case you were hoping for a cloak of invisibility, guess again. There's no magic trick involved here, but rather cameras mounted in front of the truck and four large TV monitors fitted to the back doors. This way, drivers behind the truck can see exactly what they otherwise couldn't, and can react quickly in the event of an emergency braking situation ahead. Passing manoeuvres also become safer.

 Samsung's clever new system may not be economically viable, however. While mounting front cameras is relatively cheap, those rear-mounted TV screens would prove a lot more expensive. And since truck fleet companies wouldn't make money off of this technology, they aren't likely to invest massively in it.

 The following video shows the potential of the Samsung “Safety Truck.” Just think about the number of crashes – and deaths – it could help prevent.