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Nissan Presents Arizon Concept at Shanghai Motor Show

The Nissan Arizona Concept unveiled in Shanghai | Photo: Nissan
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Daniel Rufiange
The Arizon’s boxy styling hints at a future electric Rogue

•    Nissan presented a new concept by the name of Arizon at the Shanghai Motor Show.

•    No details about a possible production version were shared by the company.

•    Nissan has promised 19 electric models by 2030, and it’s likely one of them will be the continuation of this Arizon.

The North American spring auto show season concluded with the New York event earlier this month, but the shows go on elsewhere in the world. Right now the spotlight is on China, specifically the Shanghai Motor Show that is in full swing. 

Vehicles unveiled at that event are often destined for the domestic or for Asian markets. But there are always one or two that could well end up in North America as well. 

Case in point, the Arizon concept just unveiled by Nissan. Although to be clear, the company did not say anything specific about a possible production of this design study, let alone what markets it may end up in. 

Nissan Arizona Concept - Three-quarters rear
Nissan Arizona Concept - Three-quarters rear | Photo: Nissan

The SUV was designed by Nissan's Chinese division, in collaboration with local partner Dongfeng. Its square and futuristic styling shows what an electric Rogue could look like... in 2035. We guess that if this model goes into production, its lines will be softened and adapted to current standards. The square shape of the Arizon stands out while adding a lot of character. 

Nissan Arizona Concept - Interior
Nissan Arizona Concept - Interior | Photo: Nissan

The interior design is characteristic of an electric concept with a very minimalist presentation and a screen set back at the bottom of the dashboard. The steering wheel is another broad hint that we're still in the concept stage, as do the seats and the centre console, which seems more of a styling exercise than a functional unit. 

The Arizon concept is based on the CMF-EV platform, the same used for the new Ariya SUV. That's why it's easy to imagine this model going into production, once its design has been revised and softened.

Would Nissan consider this product for North America? We have no idea, but with all the electric models that automakers are promising, some of them will have to be used in multiple markets. Nissan has promised 19 new EVs by 2030. 

Nissan Arizona Concept - Front
Nissan Arizona Concept - Front | Photo: Nissan
Nissan Arizona Concept - Profile
Nissan Arizona Concept - Profile | Photo: Nissan
Nissan Arizona Concept - Exterior design
Nissan Arizona Concept - Exterior design | Photo: Nissan
Nissan Arizona Concept - Three-quarters rear
Nissan Arizona Concept - Three-quarters rear | Photo: Nissan
Nissan Arizona Concept - Seating
Nissan Arizona Concept - Seating | Photo: Nissan
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