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Nissan partners with the Electric Circuit in Quebec and beyond

Today at the Montreal International Auto Show, Nissan announced it will support the expansion of the public charging network called the Electric Circuit with a significant investment in 25 DC Fast Charging sites accommodating the Nissan LEAF and most other electric vehicles. In under 30 minutes a fully depleted Nissan LEAF battery can be charged to 80%. 

The agreement aims to help finance the commissioning of 20 fast charging sites for the Electric Circuit in 2015, with five more planned for in 2016. Targeted sites will coincide with short stops like restaurant chains and convenience stores, making their use simple and convenient. The roll-out plan targets a number of roads such as: 

  • Highway 20 
  • Highway 10 
  • Highway 15 
  • Highway 50 
  • Highway 35 towards Vermont

The first DC Fast Charging sites are already confirmed for: 

Drummondville (Highway 20)
Rôtisserie St-Hubert – 2875, boulevard Saint-Joseph 

Lévis (Highway 20)
Carrefour Saint-Romuald, intersection of road 132 and 175 

Magog (Highway 10)
Espace Santé Globale, 2381-2389, rue Principale Ouest (road 112) 

St-Jean-sur-Richelieu (Highway 35)
Centre commercial St-Luc/St-Jean – 170-174, boulevard Saint-Luc