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Nokian Officially Opens its First American Factory

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Chattanooga, Tennessee – Finnish tire maker Nokian this week officially opened its third production factory during a special event at the plant located in Dayton, Tennessee. The new factory joins Nokian’s original plant in Nokia, Finland and a second facility in Russia.

Faced with the happy challenge of meeting ever-increasing demand for replacement tires, Nokian has built the new plant and equipped it with ultra-modern equipment that will produce tires in a virtually fully automated process. The factory will employ around 400 workers.

After a long process that saw the company study 80 different potential sites, Nokian chose the Dayton, Tennessee location and poured $360 million USD into building the new plant, which will have a production capacity of around 1,000 tires per day, per machine (there will eventually be 18 of those machines in operation).

Teemu Kangas-Kärki, Heikki Valkama, Hille Korhoven and Petteri Walldén of Nokian
Photo: Nokian
Teemu Kangas-Kärki, Heikki Valkama, Hille Korhoven and Petteri Walldén of Nokian

To address environmental imperatives, Nokian engineers and chemists developed new tires made of chemical products free of any cancer-causing agents. The tires produced at the new Dayton plant will contain as much natural rubber as possible.

Initially, the tires made there will be summer and all-seasons products destined for passenger cars and light-duty pickups including cars and minivans. Nokian’s winter tires will continue to be manufacturers in Europe.

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Photo: Nokian