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OnStar Helps Drivers Save Millions on Auto Maintenance

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Source: General Motors

OnStar recently sent its 100,000,000th OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics e-mail, marking a significant milestone for a service that has the ability to save drivers millions of dollars in automotive maintenance costs by providing alerts for the vehicle’s key operating systems including the safety systems.

By following the tire pressure alerts in the e-mails and keeping their vehicles’ tires properly inflated, subscribers can save an average of $70 each per year in fuel costs. This adds up to a total of more than $30 million per month and more than $350 million annually for OnStar’s complete subscriber base. By following the oil life alerts in the monthly e-mail report, an average subscriber can save over $30 per year on oil changes. OnStar’s complete subscriber base can save an average of more than $12.5 million monthly and more than $150 million annually on oil changes.

OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics is a patented technology that connects drivers to their vehicles by sending a comprehensive snapshot of current vehicle diagnostic data to the email inboxes of millions of OnStar subscribers in North America. The email is generated by collecting data from the vehicle’s computer sensors and sent by OnStar to owners, providing a comprehensive update on many of the vehicle’s most important systems.

Valuable maintenance information shared in the OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics report includes tire pressure, service notifications and status of the oil life system. The maintenance report can serve as a tool to help drivers keep their car running in peak condition and help prevent the expense of unnecessary maintenance. Additionally, the Vehicle Diagnostics report provides added peace of mind to subscribers by keeping them informed of the status of critical vehicle operation and safety systems such as the engine and transmission systems, StabiliTrak stability control systems, airbag module and antilock braking system.

Customer feedback about the OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics email has been overwhelmingly positive, including numerous comments on OnStar’s Facebook page and on Twitter.

“According to the GM Oil Life Monitor, our '08 Saturn Vue has been averaging about 12,000 miles between oil changes. We're at just over 52,000, so we've only had four oil changes so far,” OnStar subscriber Elijah Scott posted on Facebook. “If we were doing the traditional 3,000 mile intervals, we would have had 17 oil changes instead! At roughly $30 a change, this has saved us approximately $390. Rock on, OnStar!”

OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics became available in 2005 on select 2004 and newer GM vehicles. The service currently has more than 3.5 million subscribers.

“We’re extremely proud because this service really makes a difference for our subscribers in their everyday lives,” said Beth Foley, OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics marketing manager. “In today’s challenging economy, we recognize that our subscribers need us to help them save time and money now more than ever. OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics is one way we can help them do that, while furthering our commitment to keeping drivers safer and more secure on the roads.”