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Paris mayor's emission control plan gets approval

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Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo and the city council adopted earlier this week several emission control laws that will affect the French capital, some of which are already angering car drivers. 

Ultimately, many vehicles will lose the right to circulate at all times by 2020.

Starting in July 2015, trucks and buses registered before October 2001 won't be allowed in Paris (except in the outskirts as well as Bois de Boulogne and Vincennes) from 8 am to 8 pm. Then, in July 2016, all passenger cars registered before January 1997 and all motorcycles registered before 2000 will be denied access. 

From 2017-2020, this law will extend to more recent models including diesel vehicles registered before 2011.

However, numerous incentives will be implemented to encourage people to change their mobility habits, such as:

  • Free or lower-cost access to Navigo, Vélib’ and Autolib’ services;
  • Up to €500 in financial aid;
  • Secured storage facilities for bicycles and new charging stations for electric cars; 
  • Some areas will have part-automobile, part-pedestrian streets.