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Pirelli launches its new Cinturato Winter tire

After introducing the Cinturato P7 summer and all-season tires, Pirelli is launching the Cinturato Winter tire, conceived for compact and mid-size cars as well as urban SUVs that cover a lot of kilometres, principally for professional use.

In addition, thanks to its noise-reducing tread, the new tire will also be recommended for use on electric and hybrid vehicles, for which ride quietness is a major selling point.

Innovative technologies
With the Cinturato Winter tire, which was tested in extreme conditions on glaciers in Iceland, Pirelli promises maximal safety in all types of conditions, enhanced driving pleasure, and a degree of comfort more often associated with summer tires.

Its sophisticated sculpture contributes to collecting snow and evacuating it from inside the tread, ensuring optimal stability and improved grip when braking.

The Cinturato Winter marks the introduction of a new tread pattern conceived and tested to offer first-rate safety and reliability, in the full range of weather conditions; durability is also greater by 10%. The tire’s “Multiactive 4D Sipe” technology is characterized by directional sipes the forms of which vary according to the demands of particular conditions. The sipes, in other words, line up in the same direction to maximize, as needed, traction and braking.

One interesting note: The tread of the new tire features the words “Now Snow.” This becomes important when the tire begins to wear and its performance is diminished on snowy roads, at which point the first ‘W’ disappears to transform the words into “No Snow.” It’s a way for the Cinturato Winter tire to communicate with the driver to indicate precisely at what level of wear it becomes dangerous to drive on snow.

You can find the new Pirelli Cinturato Winter tire in Canada in 15” and 16” sizes.