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Pokémon Go craze affects drivers, too

Pokémon Go is not worth risking your life or someone else’s. That’s the message the British Columbia Automobile Association (BCAA) wants to send, urging parents to learn the game and keep their kids safe. 

Why such warning? As you may have heard, the craze generated by this new mobile game has led to a number of serious accidents around the world.

Each year in Canada, over 2,400 child pedestrians are severely injured and approximately 30 are killed. There could be more if motorists don’t pay attention to highway safety rules and laws.

"We realize that kids are going to play this game and we want them to have fun, but we also want them to stay safe,” says Shawn Pettipas, manager, community impact at BCAA. “We all play a role in road safety and this is a good opportunity for parents to discuss safety and lead by example.”

While the BCAA’s warning is mainly aimed at children ages 5-14 and their parents, adults are also playing the game and risking their life. 

In Bosnia, users have been warned to avoid minefields. In Massachusetts, a man stopped his car on a highway to catch Pikachu. And in Canada, a driver rammed into a patrol car while playing the game.

Please everyone, be careful!