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A Towing Capacity of 3,307 lb For the Polestar 2

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The towing capacity of electric vehicles is a topic of much uncertainty as EVs continue their march forward. Not because they can’t pull loads, but more because of the impact doing so can have on the vehicles’ battery range.

Volvo’s new electric-vehicle brand Polestar has announced the towing capacity of its Polestar 2 model. Its 1,500 kg (3,307 lb) maximum capacity is the highest in the compact EV segment. Tesla’s Model 3, in comparison, can pull up to 910 kg or 2,206 lb.

Polestar definitely appears to have the European market in mind in giving its sedan this kind of pulling power – that is where the vehicle will be sold first, after all.

At present, the company is building the first pre-production models at its plant in China. The first deliveries should take place in 2020.

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Photo: Polestar

The company did not see fit – or is simply unable at this point – to provide any data on the loss of autonomy of the Polestar 2 when pulling heavy loads. Few companies in the domain, in fact, have had much to say about this. In the case of sedans it’s certainly less of a critical issue, particularly on this side of the Atlantic where folks who pull trailers tends to use SUVs and pickups to do it.

We expect to start getting a lot more data on this aspect of EV driving when electric SUV models become more numerous on the market and when the first electric pickups make their appearance.

This may well become an important factor for consumers when making a buying decision.