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Porsche brings motorsports to the common man

If you buy a Porsche, it’s a right of ownership to take it on the track. One in three Porsche owners know this to be true, and so will take their purchase to a local motorsport track and test the limits of their high-performing German luxury car -- as they should. 

Now, for those lucky enough to buy one of Porsche’s GT sports cars (Cayman GT4, 911 GT3, and 911 GT3 RS), an exclusive option has been made available in the form of a track data analysis and recording for lap times. The Porsche Track Precision app is part of a unique Sport Chrono Package only available on the GT vehicles. 

The Porsche Track Precision app means you can properly monitor and track your lap-time data including traction, steering response, and longitudinal and lateral acceleration. Using GPS data that’s recoded via your smartphone linked up with the vehicle’s own auxiliary control unit. There are currently about 60 international racetracks available with the app so far, and you can add you own via a map editor or by recording the data on your first lap. 

Simply download the app for free, mount your smartphone on your windscreen so the video recorder has a good view, hit record as you cross the start line, et voila! 

And don’t panic if you’re already ordered your current-gen Porsche GT vehicle and did not select the Sport Chrono Package; it can be retrofitted by Porsche Tequipment at your local Porsche Centre.