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Porsche launching short-term rental service

Do you dream of driving a Porsche 911, but don’t have the budget to buy one? The German automaker is launching a short-term rental program that it hopes will introduce many more consumers to its brand.

Before you give your local Canadian Porsche dealer a call, though, know that the program is initially taking the form of a pilot project restricted to the region of Atlanta, Georgia. The pilot project will then be extended to the West Coast as the company gauges the level of consumer interest for the program.

Concretely, it will be possible to rent a Porsche vehicle for as little as four hours, at a cost of $269 USD, before taxes and fees. The cost stays the same no matter which model is chosen.

Those wanting to treat themselves to a week at the wheel of their dream Porsche will need to fork over close to $3,000 USD.

Atlanta residents taking part in the pilot project will get their rental Porsche delivered to them within two hours of reserving it via a concierge service.

While it seems a stretch to imagine people paying $3,000 for a week with a 911, a half-day road trip in Porsche for some $400 is a more realistic proposition.

You'll recall that earlier this year Porsche announced a similar short-term rental pilot project for Canada, available at one Porsche dealership in the Montreal region.

Porsche Host
Porsche also presented its plan for Porsche Host, a peer-to-peer car-sharing service that will be developed in partnership with Turo. It is set to launch on October 8 in Los Angeles and San Francisco, California.