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Porsche Taycan Sales Likely to Outpace Those of 911 in Year One

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The first all-electric model from German automaker Porsche is set to debut this coming fall. And all indications are the Taycan will be a raging success out of the gate.

Another mind-blowing possibility – indeed, likelihood – is that the Taycan will outsell the mythic 911 model in year one. Already, some 30,000 buyers have placed pre-orders for the model. This past January, Porsche announced it was doubling planned production to 40,000 units due to strong demand.

Meanwhile, in 2018 the company sold 36,600 911 car around the world. The numbers speak for themselves: at the current pace of pre-orders for the Taycan, the new EV will outsell its illustrious 911 stable-mate in its first year on the market.

Will that sales pace be maintained in 2021? There’s no guarantee it will, but nor is there any reason to think it can’t.

This model represents Porsche taking aim at Tesla and its Model S, and to that end the company has given the necessary artillery. The Taycan will feature a range of 400 km, and deliver the equivalent of 600 hp. As for recharging, the company has invested big sums in developing 800-volt charging stations that will be deployed at some of the brand’s dealerships in the U.S. and in Europe. These will allow owners to get back 80% of the battery pack’s charge in only 15 minutes.

Porsche Canada has confirmed to us that these 800-volt stations would be accessible to Taycan owners here as well, via the country-wide Electrify Canada network.

Consumer can still pre-order a Taycan by placing a deposit. The model will be available commercially starting this fall, with a Canadian base price of around $95,000.