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The Proper Maintenance of Your Car – More Important Than Ever

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A car is a complex tool that requires special attention that often goes beyond simple routine maintenance. If you like cars, especially those that last over time, you need to know how important maintenance is.

This will help preserve all the vital organs of your vehicle and avoid unpleasant surprises. Not to mention that taking the right steps will keep your car looking good.

Here are our recommendations to keep your car in good condition:

1.    Mechanical maintenance of the car

There are many mechanical parts that need to be well-maintained on a car. The engine is, it goes without saying, the most important part of the vehicle. It should therefore be maintained rigorously.

Of course, this often involves scrupulously respecting the revisions and oil changes recommended by the manufacturer.

Also think of changing the battery if it shows signs of weakness.

But also makes sure to pay close attention to the brake discs and pads, as braking remains a vital function in a vehicle.

Mechanical maintenance of the car
Mechanical maintenance of the car

2.    Check the levels

This is fairly simple maintenance that anyone can do at home. You don't have to be a professional mechanic.

Remember to check oil levels frequently, as well as coolant, brake, power steering and windshield washer fluid levels. The different gauges will tell you whether or not you need to add product.

Some people may tend to neglect these checks. However, the mechanical health of your car and your safety are at stake.

Checking oil, fluid levels
Checking oil, fluid levels

3.    Tires always properly inflated

Tires are what connect the car to the road, so it’s very important to pay special attention to them.

First of all in terms of pressure. These must be inflated according to the manufacturer's recommendations (often displayed on the door). An under-inflated or over-inflated tire can damage itself more quickly and lead to excessive fuel consumption.

In addition to this, you should of course regularly check the level of wear and tear on your tires.

Tire inflation
Tire inflation

4.    Aesthetic maintenance

Of course, it’s important to wash your car regularly. In addition to regular cleaning, it is sometimes necessary to polish the paintwork to give it back its youthful appearance.

Also, some small car accessories can be very practical to preserve the bodywork of your car and the various small everyday clashes it encounters. We’re thinking in particular of rearview cameras and radars.

There are a whole bunch of car accessories that will be very practical to maintain your car on a daily basis and avoid many setbacks.

Some sites such as Auto Expo will offer you a whole series of shopping guides so that you don't make a mistake when it comes time to choose.

Aesthetic maintenance
Aesthetic maintenance

5.    Visibility

Whether it's the condition of your windshield, side windows or mirrors, make sure you always have perfect visibility. Window maintenance can be done with a cloth and specific products. The wiper blades will also need to be changed to remain effective.

Finally, remember to check your lights and indicators from time to time (ideally, it's best to have someone assisting you when doing this).

These few little gestures will allow you to have a car with better reliability and reduce the risk of mishaps.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive and cannot dispense you from a regular check-up of your car's vital organs by a professional. They will be best able to answer all your questions and help you according to the profile of your vehicle.

Toyota Corolla Hybrid
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Toyota Corolla Hybrid