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Protect your ride with dealer accessories

After years of research, development, and testing your new car, truck, minivan or crossover rolls off the assembly line ready to provide long-lasting toughness, capability, and great looks. Although designers and engineers built your ride to handle a wide variety of activities and jobs, they've also created a selection of accessories and add-ons to help provide enhanced protection against the elements.

Plenty of options are available to help protect your ride's finish, interior, and overall appearance.

Factory-approved accessories from your ride's dealer are designed to fit beautifully, are guaranteed to work and perform up to the same standard as the rest of the vehicle. They are also typically covered by the new-car warranty that applies to the rest of your machine.

Unlike parts from the internet, dealer-installed accessories don't come with expensive shipping and duty fees, and can be easily returned if there's an issue.

Here's a look at some common accessories available from your dealer that focus on protecting your ride from the elements during the upcoming winter travel season, and the wear-and-tear of everyday life year-round.

Mud Flaps/Splash Guards
These affordable accessories can add a sense of ruggedness to your ride's look while also preventing long-term paint and body damage caused by salt, rocks, and sand flung from your tires. Typically made of dense rubber or plastic, mud flaps prevent thousands of tiny impacts to the paint around your ride's wheelwells and rocker panels.

Protective Film
Virtually invisible and very strong, many dealers offer a protective film treatment to help protect your ride's vulnerable painted surfaces from damage. Applied to the hood, headlights, bumpers or even rear quarter panels, the tough, clear protective film takes the abuse for your paint.

Step Bars
Ideal for families who travel in a crossover, SUV or pickup, step-bars make it easier to board and exit, and give those muddy, slushy boots a place to kick off, which means less mess tracked into your ride's cabin.

Door Sill Covers
Your ride's door sills are exposed to a lot of wear, especially if you frequently travel with a passenger or two of the four-legged variety. Protect your ride's painted door sills from claws, sand, and other damage with a set of accessory door sill covers. These add durability, while typically welcoming passengers on board your ride with its nameplate or logo proudly displayed.

Cargo Mats
Got a hatchback, wagon, crossover or minivan? Consider a cargo mat for the rear. By protecting the carpeting from wear, a cargo mat can affordably help keep your ride's interior in tip-top shape. Ideal for keeping the wear of loading and unloading gear away from the carpet, cargo mats are typically spill-proof, making them ideal for pet owners, too.

Rubberized Floor Mats
Designed to fit your ride precisely, rubberized floor mats offer fantastic, affordable protection for your carpeting and floor-pan. By trapping water, sand, salt, and other nastiness, your ride's carpet (and the metal floor beneath it) is protected from wear, mildew, rust, and staining. Rubberized floor mats are easily removed and cleaned with the garden hose or in the laundry-room sink.

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