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Quebecers can now drive without winter tires... if they so choose!

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Luc Gagné
Spring is right around the corner -- March 20, at 11:44 am to be exact. Yet, starting yesterday, March 16, Quebecers can legally remove their winter tires if they so choose!

Last December, a new law in the Quebec Highway Safety Code made these tires mandatory for all passenger vehicles and taxis registered in the province.

Don't be in such a hurry!
However, that doesn't mean that all drivers should replace their winter tires this week. According to meteorologists, snowstorms can still occur in April, even May.

Besides, the regulation by Transports Québec allows studded winter tires to be used until May 1.

Similar laws exist in other Canadian provinces and territories. People can drive with studded tires until:

-April 30 in Newfoundland-Labrador
-April 30 in Nova Scotia
-April 30 in New Brunswick
-May 31 in Prince Edward Island
-May 1 in Quebec
-April 30 in Northern Ontario
-March 31 in Manitoba
-No limit in Saskatchewan
-No limit in Alberta
-April 30 in British Columbia
-No limit in Yukon

Why replace winter tires?
Drivers should replace winter tires before summer comes in so as to prevent their softer compound from wearing out prematurely on increasingly hot pavement.

It's also a good time to check the pressure in your tires. According to CAA-Quebec experts, a single tire that's underinflated by four pounds can reduce fuel economy by two percent. Think about it!

Reinstalling your summer or all-season tires provides an ideal opportunity to adjust wheel alignment and balance.

Don't forget about the spare! Make sure it's still in proper condition because you never know when you might need it.

Finally, in order to extend the longevity of your winter tires, store them in a cool and dry area with no exposition to sunlight. Some dealerships actually offer to take care of the storage for you. In this case, clearly identify your tires to make sure you don't end up with someone else's used rubber. You can use chalk and draw a mark only you will be able to recognize.
photo:Goodyear, Matthieu Lambert
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