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Volkswagen Issues Recall of 2022 Golf GTI, R Over Potentially Loose Radiators

The 2022 Volkswagen Golf GTI and Golf R | Photo: Volkswagen
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Khatir Soltani
A total of 2,477 Golf GTI and Golf R vehicles are being recalled in Canada

•    Volkswagen recalls 2022 Golf GTI and Golf R.

•    On some models, a loose radiator could cause damage to other components around it, which in turn could lead to engine damage.

•    A total of 2,477 vehicles are affected in Canada.

•    This is the third recall in North America for the new-generation Golf that launched in the fall of 2021.

The new-generation Volkswagen Golf R and GTI launched at this time last year, and, as is common with all-new or overhauled models, the recalls have followed.

The first recall of the two Golfs came this past spring, when Volkswagen called them back to the shop to fix a problem with the engine cover that wouldn't stay in place. Then, in July, another recall was issued over an overly sensitive sunroof control

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This time, the issue involves a radiator that may not have been properly attached to some vehicles. As a result, a coolant hose could be damaged if it comes in contact with the engine belt, creating a coolant leak in the process. If this happens, coolant could leak onto the road and a red warning light could come on in the instrument cluster. If ignored, this can lead to engine overheating or even failing and ending up a total loss. 

And of course, if a vehicle's engine stops when on the road, that increases the risk of an accident In addition, fluid left on the road can be a hazard to other road users. 

To address the situation, dealers will check and confirm that the radiator is properly installed. If it is not, the coolant hose and engine belt will be checked for damage. If needed, they will be replaced. 

A total of 2,477 2022 Volkswagen Golf GTI and Golf R models are affected in Canada. Here are the details of the recall, as provided by Transport Canada.

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