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FCA Recalls 182,000 2019 RAM 1500 Pickup Trucks

The FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) Group has issued a recall of around 182,000 RAM 1500 pickup trucks due to a power steering issue. Of the total, 159,740 vehicles were sold in the U.S., 18,682 in Canada and 407 in Mexico. According to FCA, another 3,409 models were sold in other markets.

The company says that in these affected models, a fastener that serves to ground the battery was not properly installed and could detach. If this happens, the power steering mechanism will cease to function.

"An FCA U.S. investigation discovered certain vehicles produced before Oct. 25, 2018, may have a battery ground-circuit fastener that was not secured properly. Accordingly, the connection may become loose enough to intermittently create an open circuit."

- FCA statement

According to FCA, one-third of the affected vehicles are still at dealerships, and not all RAM 1500 vehicles are impacted by the problem.

Regarding the potential problem that could arise, the loss of power steering is not catastrophic since the driver could still steer the vehicle. The bigger concern is that in the event of an intermittent problem, the changes in the way the steering reacts could cause problems for the driver and increase the risk of an accident.

FCA says it has received no reports of any accidents or injuries resulting from the problem.

The recall campaign is expected to begin soon, and the required repair work is simple to complete. Dealerships will ensure that the fastener is correctly attached.

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