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Using recycled plastic to build roads? The Dutch did it!

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Roads in the Netherlands may soon be built using recycled plastic instead of asphalt. A company by the name of VolkerWessels claims a “PlasticRoad” has marginal maintenance costs and lasts about three times longer than conventional paved roads.

Other benefits of recycled plastic roads include, apparently, smoother driving, heated capability, and modular construction. What’s more, their hollow structure helps workers run cables and pipes, install sensors and other equipment, while allowing rainwater to evacuate. 

VolkerWessels says the PlasticRoad takes weeks instead of months to build. It is also much easier to control the quality of the road (stiffness, water drainage etc.). 

And because they can handle temperatures as low as -40 degrees and as high as 80 degrees Celsius with ease, and prove more resistant to chemical corrosion, plastic roads are said to require little to no maintenance.