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Report: Alfa Romeo to operate independently

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On May 6th, Fiat-Chrysler president and CEO Sergio Marchionne will announce Alfa Romeo as a stand-alone company within the automaker's ranks. Similar to Maserati and Ferrari, Alfa Romeo will have to publicly disclose profits and losses.

According to Marchionne, the move will help turn the struggling brand around. Last year, Alfa Romeo sold fewer than 75,000 cars... like it used to in the 1960s, and far from the 300,000 promised a decade ago.

Fiat-Chrysler will need to invest at least five billion euros in Alfa Romeo for the operation to be successful, Mediobanca Securities analyst Massimo Vecchio told Automotive News.

Several sources claim that six new Alfa Romeo products will be launched in the next few years, including a compact SUV and a midsize sedan to be built in Cassino, near Rome. A full-size SUV and a full-size sedan are expected to be produced in Turin. Alfa Romeo also plans a large coupe and a two-seat roadster.

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