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Meet the 700-HP Beast-X Speedster

Out of California this week comes the Beast-X Speedster from Rezvani, the independent carmaker fulfilling on its promise to deliver a highly supercharged version of the Beast Speedster it launched earlier this year. Propelled by up to 700 HP, the new Beast-X is built on the same modified Ariel Atom chassis that underlies Rezvani’s earlier Beast and Beast Speedster models.

Other notable features of this remarkable, ultra-limited-edition new roadster include twin Borg Warner turbochargers, a new intercooler and a six-speed manual transmission with available paddle shifters in the sequential unit. The chassis of the Beast-X has been modified to be able to handle the extra horsepower; changes include a new 10-way Bilstein adjustable suspension, 19-inch wheels, and Alcon brakes that feature four-piston calipers at all corners.

According to Rezvani, the Beast-X can go from 0 to 60 mph in an almost unbelievable 2.5 seconds, this despite being considerably heavier than the Beast Speedster. If you want to try out that acceleration for yourself, however, make it quick: Rezvani is building only five units of the Beast-X Speedster, which will be priced starting at $325,000 USD. Get out your chequebook!