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Shell to build urban car concept with Gordon Murray

| Photo: Shell
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Josée Paquet

Shell has teamed up with auto engineer Gordon Murray and engine specialist Osamu Goto to develop “Project M,” a super-compact urban car concept that will undergo real-world testing once it is built.

It may be ironic for an oil company to work on a vehicle that emphasizes maximum mobility and minimum energy consumption, but since three quarters of the world population in 2050 is expected to live in cities, and oil is not a renewable resource, it kind of makes sense. 

Project M combines top experts in several fields including transportation and engineering. Shell is also looking for public ideas that will help shape the urban car concept, particularly with regard to design and technology.

If you'd like to give your own feedback, contact Shell via Twitter (@Shell_ProjectM) or take part in the Connected Car Competition. If your idea gets the most votes, you could even win a prize!

Josée Paquet
Josée Paquet
Automotive expert