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SleepWake predicts driver drowsiness

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When drowsiness starts to settle in, your body reacts and your heart beats more slowly. Using a wrist band or watch connected to your smartphone, a new app called SleepWake monitors your heart rate to determine whether you're about to fall asleep while driving – with 90% accuracy.

It is possible to use SleepWake with an Android-enabled watch such as the Samsung Gear Live, which can automatically calculate your heart rate. When the early signs of drowsiness behind the wheel show up, it produces an alarm and vibrations to alert you and invite you to take a break.

SleepWake was developed by Tommy Tung Lee, who has a PhD in Computer Science, along with former BMW employee Deep Adhikari and data-obsessed Hai Pham. The app is currently available through Google Play only, but an Apple version will follow shortly.