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smart improves its 2009 fortwo

smart improves its 2009 fortwo

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With the success of its compact little urban car, smart has decided to slightly refine its formula with the addition of standard equipment and colours. The changes are essentially minor, the Red Metallic and Light Yellow colours being replaced in favour of Grey Metallic and Rally Red, both of which have been added to the other four colours of the palette, as well as the dozen exterior colour combinations.

The cabin of the Rally Red cars has also been lightly updated on the passion model, with the fabric on the dashboard, counter doors and knee-high dash section now painted Design Red. The update is meant to harmonize the interior and exterior colours.

Three new pieces of standard equipment have been added to the 2009 model. The rigid storage spaces in the doors have been replaced by roomier and more functional flexible nets. The new model also boasts a warning light in the instrument cluster indicating an improperly closed fuel flap. And finally, the 12-volt socket located in the lower part of the instrument panel has gotten its own cover.

Conservative in its updating of the 2009 fortwo, smart seems to have only slightly modified the version launched last year.