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A few days ago, I published a brief report on Subaru following a day of driving said cars on frosty, snow-covered Quebec roads. 

My piece could be summarized as follows: Subaru makes cars that come with AWD as standard equipment and, as such, are well suited to our climate. I made note of the XV Crosstrek, Outback, and Forester’s ground clearance and basically said that most of these cars’ competitors would have ended up marooned had they attempted to navigate the off-road course we tackled. 

The comments section lit up with, well, comments about my having been bought by Subaru and that suddenly my credibility was in doubt. To those that posted, I say thank you for reading my story!

As well, to those that did post comments, I ask: Did I lie? 

Nowhere do I mention that Subaru is the builder of the most reliable cars (they’ve had plenty of issues like other manufacturers starting with engine failures); the most beautiful; the only ones to consider; that they are the only ones to offer AWD; or that they’ve never made any mistakes. 

If you’re satisfied (or not) with your 2WD car, the gist of my story is that if you’re in the market for a new car and are tired of getting stuck in 3” of snow, then AWD is a solution and Subaru has an entire line-up at your disposal. 

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