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Subaru Eyes the Electric Car Market

According to articles appearing in Automotive News and in the Detroit Free Press, Subaru will begin production by 2021 of a new vehicle platform to be used in all models produced by the carmaker, including the Forester and Outback.

The latter model will be able to be fitted with a gasoline-powered, hybrid, plug-in hybrid or electric engine.

Under study as well is a 4-wheel-drive electric-powered version for the platform. 

Given the traditional target market for Subaru – sporty, outdoors-loving – an electric version produced for the North American market would be a natural fit for the carmaker.

The Japanese company has already tasted success in the hybrid-car market with its CrossTrek and the PZEV (super-low emission) option, which offers undeniable ecological advantages in terms of smog reduction all while matching non-PZEV cars and SUVs for performance. 

According to a Polk Automotive study, the market for green cars in North America is expected to grow by between 30% and 40% by the turn of the next century.