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Submitting a claim

Need to submit a car insurance claim in order to get indemnified for property damage or personal injury? It’s important to contact your insurer as soon as possible! Some insurance policies or provincial laws give you only seven days to submit a claim after a road accident. Beyond this deadline, your insurer may refuse to indemnify you.

In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and British Columbia, you are required to contact your public insurance corporation to submit a car insurance claim. In Quebec, you must contact the SAAQ in order to be indemnified for personal injury; property damage is covered by private insurers. Our section on car insurance in Canada will provide you with additional information on car insurance in your province. 

Help Your Insurer: Provide the Information They Need
Certain details pertaining to the road accident and the persons involved are essential to the claims process. This is why it is recommended that you always have one or more car accident report forms (or joint report forms in the case of Quebec) in your vehicle. With these accident report documents in hand after a road accident, you are certain of collecting the important details your insurer needs.

If you have already submitted your car insurance claim, consult our section on responsibility in case of accidents to learn more about how responsibility and indemnity amounts are determined.