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Taiwan's automobile brand LUXGEN announces its ambition to the world

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As reported by LUXGEN

LUXGEN, the first automobile brand from Taiwan, has successfully finished its international debut in 2009 Dubai Motor Show, and further illustrates Taiwan’s R&D strength to the world through its subtle combination of information technology and the auto industry. Mr. K.C. Hu, CEO of LUXGEN pointed out, “Taiwan’s IT industry has been highly acknowledged around the world, and we aspire to capitalize on that strength as an automaker and promote a Taiwanese auto brand on the global stage.”

(Photo: LUXGEN)

LUXGEN vehicles are programmed to ‘Think Ahead’ for their consumers, with SMART technology designed by Taiwanese mobile manufacturer HTC to pre-empt road conditions and potential hazards. All LUXGEN vehicles features a state of the art onboard computer system, dubbed ‘Think +’, which, for the first time ever, combines HTC smart technology and Windows CE Automotive Interface, ‘Think+’ boasts six main attractive features, including video and audio entertainment, telecommunication, GPS navigation, safety alerts, car-owner exclusive applications and system settings. Additionally, the vehicles also feature: Eagle View+ (a 360 degree surveillance camera), Night Vision+ (a highly sensitive night visual aid system), Side View+ and LDWS+ (Lane Departure Warning System). Mr. Peter Chou, Chief Executive Officer of HTC said: “HTC is proud to partner with LUXGEN to create a new generation of intelligent vehicles. We have worked with LUXGEN to develop a sophisticated onboard program designed to ‘think ahead’ for drivers, creating a new level of road safety.”

The LUXGEN brand was established by the Yulon Group to merge Taiwan’s highly advanced auto and information technology industries to create a new generation of forward thinking, environmentally sustainable ‘intelligent’ vehicles. “IT+AUTO+ET”, its core branding message, is what differentiates LUXGEN and best illustrates Taiwan’s R&D strength in the global market.

LUXGEN is targeting emerging markets around the world including the Middle East, Central America, Russia, China and South East Asia. Among them, LUXGEN has chosen to focus on the GCC states as its initial launch platform and has already signed letters of intent with a number of dealers in the region.