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Tesla Opens Flagship Dealership in California

Tesla Motors announced this week the opening of its flagship store in California, situated on the famed Van Ness Avenue. Long associated with the automotive industry, this boulevard has for several decades welcomed dealerships offering the world’s top automotive brands.

The 65,000-sq ft facility, Tesla’s most imposing dealership in North America, had housed a Chevrolet dealership since 1937. It tops up the usual amenities found in a Tesla automotive dealership with a larger accessories boutique, an enhanced showroom featuring video screens and 3D accessories, and a café for those wanting to treat themselves to a meal when visiting the dealership.

The boutique dealership will not only provide an enhanced shopping experience to clients, but serve as the setting for launches of new Tesla products. The goal is without a doubt to make the facility a must-see destination for fans of the brand and of prestige automobiles.

California is of course the birthplace of the Tesla brand, but it also represents the biggest market for electric cars in North America, counting all makes.
The small manufacturer with large ambitions will hope that the arrival of a new SUV, the Tesla Model X and the upcoming launch of the compact Tesla Model 3, not to mention the small truck rumoured to be in the works, will allow it to carve out a larger share of the automotive market in the coming months. That the Tesla brand enjoys such an enviable reputation for the car-buying experience it provides can only help its cause further.



Photo: Tesla
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