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Tesla’s Pickup Truck Will Be Presented in Los Angeles

| Photo: Tesla
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Daniel Rufiange
A year after the LA debut of Rivian’s electric pickup, Tesla officially signs on with its entry in the truck category

The news was widely expected, but it’s now official: the long-awaited - and long-promised – pickup from Tesla will be presented on November 21 in Los Angeles in conjunction with the start of the Los Angeles Auto Show. Confirmation came from company boss Elon Musk.

The big event will take place in a SpaceX factory located not far from the site of the LA show. The timing of course ensures maximal media coverage of the reveal; press days at the auto show are on November 20 and 21, and that second day features far fewer new presentations.

As part of his announcement, Elon Musk showed a video that references the Blade Runner film, which depicts a dystopian future Los Angeles set in… in 2019. More than one observer has noted that the styling of the Tesla "cybertruck" pickup would put it right at home in that movie.

So we’ll be learning a lot more about the Tesla pickup in two weeks’ time, particularly as regards its capabilities. This could well be where the coming war between the electric trucks is won or lost, so anticipation is high. Word is of a 240-volt charging capacity for some industrial purposes.

You’ll recall that one of the biggest splashes at last year’s Los Angeles Auto Show was made by Rivian which debuted its electric pickup. Now it’s Tesla’s turn, and it’s already well-known that Ford and GM are working on their own products.

As the clock tick closer to High Noon, the big showdown in the budding electric pickup category is coming. Buckle up…

Daniel Rufiange
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