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Tesla sues Hoerbiger, maker of Model X falcon-wing doors

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Tesla has filed a lawsuit against Hoerbiger, the company that made the falcon-wing doors for its new Model X crossover, claiming it is responsible for the delayed market release of the vehicle.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Tesla alleges that Hoerbiger misrepresented its ability to design the signature doors, which led to a last-minute change to a new supplier.

Hoerbiger, meanwhile, is demanding more payment from Tesla after the electric car maker cut ties with the supplier in May 2015. Tesla disputes that it owes the company anything more than the $3 million it paid for prototype parts and engineering. 

The lawsuit claims that prototypes from Hoerbiger leaked oil and sagged or produced excessive heat, causing them to stop working.

“Tesla incurred millions of dollars in damages, including, but not limited to costs of re-tooling the entire vehicle in order to support a different engineering solution,” the lawsuit said. In addition, Tesla had to pay the new supplier a premium to deliver a workable solution as quickly as possible.