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The APA and W5 are at it again

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Last weekend, CTV's W5 aired the now famous (or is that infamous) used car investigation results.

This year, well, nothing much has changed... Old habits die hard for used car lots as they still regularly use false advertising to get people into their showrooms.

George Iny, President of the Automobile Protection Association, puts it best: “The low-ball, the bait and switch and the extra unadvertised fees.”

The other undying trend are “curbsiders”. In the video, we meet a few crafty fellows that have great stories that, unfortunately, must work once in a while as they are professional “fakes”.

In both situations, the cars are in terrible condition, a few are not even road worthy.

As ever, the saying “buyer beware” holds true.

Mr Iny notes that the Province of Quebec is not especially stringent when it comes to tracking and reporting accidented vehicles.