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50 years of Auto Guide

There’s no denying that the Auto Guide is a big deal. It began 50 years ago with the author putting his road test notes together in a book. The rest, as they say, is history. 

To mark this important milestone, the gang at Auto Guide are throwing down a huge party this weekend at Icar and they’ve called it the Super Auto Show. Appropriate I think. Among the sites to see will be me and my 1969 Ford F-100… I kidd, I kidd, but I will be there. 

A number of manufacturers have committed to being part of the event with booths and displays. A number of vintage cars will be on hand including a sweet 1958 Chrysler Imperial from Polissage et Placage GG. Montreal Racing, the popular local forums, will be represented by very cool 200-car convoy set to make quite the entrance. 

If these were not good enough reasons to attend, Chrysler, Ford, Mazda, Nissan, Campagna (T-Rex) and Tesla will have cars for you to test drive. Total will show off an F1 car while Kevin Lacroix’s Nascar car will also be part of the show. 

There will be prizes awarded to attendees as well. One will be hot laps of the track in an exotic car with one of the Auto Guide’s authors. 

Check out more details on the SAS, check out the show’s Facebook page