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The most congested cities in Canada in 2014 according to TomTom

Vancouver, Toronto, and Ottawa lead the way By ,

TomTom's 2014 Traffic Index, released on March 31st, 2015, analyzes traffic congestion in over 200 cities around the world. This year, the Index reveals that the evening rush hour is the most congested time of the day on virtually every road network around the globe. If you have to drive during rush hour, you can expect to spend about double the time in your car.

On average, Canadian drivers spend 79 hours a year stuck in traffic, up from 77 hours in 2013. In fact, most cities in the country saw their overall traffic congestion level increase last year, as the following chart illustrates.

According to TomTom, the worst time of the week to be on the road in Canada's largest cities is Thursday night, while in Edmonton, Quebec City, and Calgary, drivers should avoid Wednesday and Friday nights.

   Canadian Ranking       City   Overall traffic congestion level in 2014    

   Overall traffic congestion level in 2013          


1 Vancouver 35%35%
2 Toronto31%27%
3 Ottawa28 %26 %
 Montreal27 %26 %
5 Edmonton23 %20 %
6 Quebec City23 %22 %
7 Calgary22 %22 %